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Checking for new versions


eSvn is developed as a Free/Open Source project at umputun. The source code and this documentation is therefore publicly available under the conditions of the GPL and GFDL. As a community project, everyone can contribute to eSvn, even if you know little about it. In fact, some tasks may be better accomplished by those who know little about it, for example:

  • Improving this documentation

  • Embellishing the interface with cool graphics

  • Internationalization of the interface and documentation

  • Testing features to see that they work

  • Building RPM's

This said, there is always a need for good coders, so go ahead "Get the Source!" Once you have done that register to the eSvn forum. If you have something to contribute, state your interest and what you want to work on. Members of the team will let you know if there is already somebody working on the item you're interested in. If you have a contribution you will be invited to join the developer group and given access to the eSvn subversion server.

If you just want a copy of eSvn for your own use, visit the eSvn Web Site download either an RPM or tarball then see the section called “Installation”.