To display information about a file or directory use the Info option ( Query->Info (Alt+I) ). Information about the selected item, displayed in the Info dialog includes:


The path of the selected item.


The name of the selected item.


The fully qualified domain name and path to the selected item.

Repository UUID

The Universally Unique Identifier, a unique 128-bit number that uniquely identifies the selected item in the repository.


The current revision number of the selected item.

Node Kind

The node kind. Depending on type of item selected values may be:

  • normal (file)

  • directory (dir)


The next operation scheduled to be performed on the file. Depending on actions performed values may be:

  • normal

  • add

  • delete

Last Changed Author

The subversion user account that last updated and committed the selected item.

Last Changed Rev

The last revision number containing a change.

Last Changed Date

The date and time (local time) on which the last change was made.

Text Last Updated

The date and time (local time) at which the file contents were updated.

Properties Last Updated

The date and time (local time) on which the properties of the item where updated.


The checksum is used to detect if the data has been altered during transmission or when being stored and retrieved.