To show the log messages for a set of revision(s) and/or file(s) use the Log option ( Query->Log (Alt+L) ). When the operation is executed the result is displayed in the Log dialog. Select a record to display log information. When the option Show changed paths is checked in the Options dialog the displayed information will show both the message and information about path changes in the repository. Log information can be extensive, use the filters to filter information by message and author strings.

In addition to listing and displaying the log entries associated with an item the Log dialog also enables View (cat), Updating Local Copy, and Diff operations between the selected revision and the working copy.

Log history

The log history. Each record displays revision, date and author information of log entry.

Log information

Displays the message and path information associated with the selected log entry.



Enter a string equal to part of a message to filter by message. Click the Clear button to clean the filter.


Enter a string equal to part of an author to filter by author. Click the Clear button to clean the filter.

Stop on copy

Check this option to display all log entries commencing after the last copy operation. This option is useful for identifying the first revision belonging to a branch, mostly for the merge operation.


Applies the filter to the Log history.


Displays the selected patch in the internal viewer.


If possible, merges the difference associated with the selected log entry to the working copy file in the reversed order. Otherwise switches the working copy status to conflict.


Displays the difference for the selected revision between the repository and current working copy. In order to see difference between two revisions use Diff dialog.