Refresh Operations

Three refresh operations are provided:

The first two options refresh the eSvn interface against the workspace directory. The third, refreshes and compares the revision numbers of all local files against those residing in the remote repository. When a local file is superseded by a higher version number than that available in the local copy the file status is changed to the "out-of-date" status and the status icon is changed (see File View.

The refresh behavior can be set to Online, Periodic or Manual modes using the Status refresh options ( File->Options ). For information about the different modes see General tab.

It is important to remember that when working in Manual mode the status of items will not be correctly displayed until the next manual invocation of Refresh online ( View->Refresh online (Shift+F5) ). This is not the case when working in Online mode since eSvn will always keep the status of local items updated against the remote repository whenever the folder selection is changed or a modify operation is performed.